If our shoes are appreciated and recommended by many horse technicians, it's not only for the quality of the ACR alloy and the shape made by Antoine Corona, but also for the specific features that make them up.

All our shoes are made from ACR alloy, tested and selected for its anti-vibration and shock-absorbing properties. For greater resistance to wear, some shoes in the range are available in an appropriate alloy, Ti (Titadur)Ti, in which case a "T" is stamped on the end of the inner branche. The following specifications apply to both aluminum and Ti (Titadur) alloys.

6 technical aspects stand out on each ACR shoe :

- The nailholes are rectangular, just like the nail heads, for better nail placement. This means better hold in the stamp.

- Stamps are inclined to facilitate optimal broaching, oriented so as to approach the angle of the wall. 

- The clips are progressive, with a 3° slope to facilitate nailing in the wall during "hot-working", which is effectively stronger at its base and tip.

- The shape are adapted to the horse's feet, and the geometric design of the shoes is studied for all types of feet and all types of horses. The outer branche is indicated by a notch on the edge of the shoe field (except for asymmetrical shoes).

- The heels have a bevel to prevent the risk of casting (variable according to model, from 40 to 45°).

- All shoes are stamped (external-internal) to better adapt to different wall thicknesses, and the holes are calibrated for nail types E, MX, ESL, LX, LX CU.

These specific features make ACR irons carefully crafted to meet the most exacting requirements of farriers and veterinarians.

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