The company

AC-Concepts is a very small business on a human scale: five people who put themselves at the service of horse professionals - farriers and veterinarians - every day.

Our shared passion for horses enables us to build a natural relationship with our customers.

We strive to offer solutions and prices that are balanced and adapted to each professional level of the horse world.

Expertise, advice, proximity and availability are the cornerstones of our business. 


AC-Concepts began its first tests in 1998. Antoine Corona, the company's founder, began training as a farrier in 1986 in Brussels, Belgium.

Since then, he has never left the world of farriery and horses, realizing the importance of this profession in the daily care of horses, whether at rest or in activity.

"That's why, as a farrier, I created this range of shoes to help horses, and to facilitate and improve the application and realization of specific and orthopedic shoeing." Antoine Corona

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