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Please note that the company is closed from Wednesday December 22nd - 2 PM until Tesday  January 04th 2022 - 09AM.



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Produits phares

Produits phares


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NEW * ACR Hind Onion Heels * NEW

Ref : ACR - 2200

The ACR hind onion heels protects sensitive heels, increases the contact area for the rear part of the foot, and limits the heels' sinking into soft ground. It tends to optimize the operation of the reciprocal apparatus : It is therefore indicated in a large number of hind limb pathologies.    
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NEW * Full Rolling Onion Shoe 15MM * NEW

Ref : ACR - 332

The ACR FULL ROLLING SHOE facilitates anterior, posterior and collateral lever arms, reducing collateral movement efforts on proximal, distal and collateral ligaments. It  protects sensitive heels, increases the contact area for the rear part of the foot and limits the heel's sinking into soft...
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Ref : KB - Shampoing Lucy Diamonds

Shampoo especially designed for sensitive skin and frequent washing. It has protective qualities and is soothing to the skin. Unique formula reduces bad odours caused by micro-organisms. Perfect for use on horses with insect bites, to sooth and get rid of the 'itch'.
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Pairs ACR - Ergopad Blue 2-3-4

Ref : ACR - Ergopad Bleu

Ideal for low heel - low sole  - The pad is shaped for the hoof, with a convex area next to the sole- Two ovals on either side of the frog fit into the lacunae- The part of the pad over the sole and frog is thinner than the rest of the pad and allows better sole descent at the contact stage- Two...
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Sil Pak

Ref : VET Sil Pak

For use as pad/packing material. Weight bearing in 2 minutes. Totally fills and seals all void areas. Auto-mixing ensures consistent set times. Ensures complete coverage of sole. Prevents debris migration. Use existing mixing gun and tips. Economical application. 
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