Chers clients,

votre équipe ACR part se ressourcer quelques jours.

Notez que nos locaux seront fermés du vendredi 20 Décembre (17h)  au lundi 6 Janvier (9h).

Pensez à anticiper dès à présent vos commandes.

Nous vous souhaitons de bonnes fêtes de fin d'années ! 

L'équipe ACR


Dear Customers, 

Your ACR Team is going on holidays ! 

Please note that our offices are going to be closed from December 20th (5PM) to January 6th (9PM).

Don't forget to anticipate your needs and place your orders before!

We wish you a merry Christmas and an happy new year !

The ACR's Team

Titadur shoes



   Specialy designed for endurance, where the shoe needs to be more resistant,  ACR developed an apropriate alloy : Ti (Titadur).

   This alloy is as light as the aluminium but much more resistant. 



ACR Endurance Rolling Shoe Ti

Ref : ACR - 2000 Ti

The ACR Rolling Endurance Shoe is ideal for endurance and racing; its shape increases adherence, its rolling toe facilitates breakover, reduces the anterior lever arm (relieving the deep flexor) and fosters heel grip in the ground (avoiding suspensory apparatus and SDFT problems). Its light...
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ACR Sport + Shoe 10 mm Ti

Ref : ACR - 340 10 mm Ti

THE ACR SPORT + SHOE is a multidisciplinary sport shoe. The chased branches and beveled heels facilitate penetration in the ground and anticipate and limit stress on the suspensory apparatus (osseous muscle or superficial digital flexor tendon tendinitis). Anterior rolling motion reduces forces...
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ACR Hind Shoe A Ti

Ref : ACR - 2100 A Ti

Ideal for sport horses; its profile is also suitable for the weight of saddle horses. The ACR Hind Shoe A is available in size 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. For others sizes, this shoe is available under an different shape, for narrower feet (endurance horses), refer to ACR Hind Shoe B - 2100 B.
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ACR Hind Shoe B Ti

Ref : ACR - 2100 B Ti

Ideal for endurance and race horses. A pattern designed for increased adherence and improved heel penetration in soft ground (avoiding problems oh the fetlock suspensory apparatus and the superficial digital flexor tendon, which tend to occur frequently in endurance). Its shape which is suited to...
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ACR Rolling Sport shoe Ti

Ref : ACR - 320 Ti

The ACR Rolling Sport shoe is ideal for sport horses that work on firm ground. Its shape increases adherence, its rolling toe facilitates breakover, and it reduces anterior lever arm (relieving the deep digital flexor tendon) and helps the heels to sink into the ground (to protect against...
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ACR Rolling Torsion Shoe Ti

Ref : ACR - 325 Ti

The ACR ROLLING TORSION SHOE provides optimum protection for the whole sole and the bars. It is particularly recommended for horses that are apprehensive on difficult ground. The rolling toe relieves pressure on the deep digital flexor tendon. The wide web means it is very strong and subject to...
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ACR Full Rolling shoe Ti

Ref : ACR - 330 Ti

The ACR FULL ROLLING SHOE Ti facilitates anterior and collateral lever arms, reducing joint and collateral stress. It is recommended for distal and proximal interphalangeal arthritis and can be positioned using an Equi-thane net and silicone, which absorb impacts and limit the degree of...
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