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Ref : Club Foot DALLMER

BenefitFoalshoe for the treatment of clubfootedness with intensive lengthening growth of the phalanges and a coffin joint showing signs of flexion. Especially foals profit greatly from glued-on hoofshoes as nailed-on horseshoes can easily damage the thin and weak hooves.Effect and applicationThe...
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Ref : Flaccidity DALLMER

Benefit The DALLMER Hoofshoes treat foals with a long pastern, a disorder encountered in newborn foals characterized by hyperextension in the fetlock joint. With the help of the shoes, the fetlock stands erectly, the hyperextended fetlock-joint angle is reduced to a more normal mark. Effect and...
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Ref : Foal shoe DALLMER

Benefit Malpositions in the fetlock joint are known as toed-in and toed-out positions. The DALRIC Extension Shoe corrects such twisted or kinked joints.   Effect and application DALRIC Extension Shoesare equipped with a one-sided extension of the hoofshoe’s foot surface. This extension must...
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Foam plug

Ref : Bouchons de mortaise

Foam plug to prevent from dirt in the studs holes. Very easy to use. Packaging : Sold in pad of 50 plugs.
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