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Sole Guard

Ref : VET Sole Guard

For use as pad/packing material. Apply directly to the sole and frog Fast and convenient, bonds to the foot for 2 weeks and provides protection and suppor especialy for heavy, late term brood mares. Temporary protection for horses transitioning from shoes to barefoot.Can be used as a thin...
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Sil Pak

Ref : VET Sil Pak

For use as pad/packing material. Weight bearing in 2 minutes. Totally fills and seals all void areas. Auto-mixing ensures consistent set times. Ensures complete coverage of sole. Prevents debris migration. Use existing mixing gun and tips. Economical application. 
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Equi Pak CS

Ref : VET Equi Pak CS

Infused with copper sulfate to effectively manage mild and moderate cases of thrush. For use as pad/packing material for Thrush and can be used as a preventative measure during wet seasons. Bonds to the sole eliminating the need to pick out the feet and apply daily medication. Uniform support...
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Equi Build

Ref : VET Equi Build

Distribute the weight across the entire hoof-bottom to grow heel, hoof wall and sole and adheres to the sole, sealing out moisture and debris.Stops heels from contracting, allows for faster, thicker hoof wall and sole growth.Takes pressure off wall cracks and can be used very successfully on...
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Adhère Black

Ref : VET Adhère Noire

Fast-setting urethane adhesive designed to bond steel, aluminum and urethane shoes to the hoof and to fabricate large and small hoof wall repairs.4 week average for glue-on urethane shoes. Initial set time of 1 minute and final cure time of 6 minutes. Perfect for most every hoof repair...
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Contouring Plastic

Ref : VET Contouring Plastic

Translucent lightweight plastic material that can be utilized to push the product into the voids. Used after applying Vettec products to smooth and level. Will not stick to Vettec products and can be discarded after use.
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Large Mix tip

Ref : VET Embout Mélangeurs

Fits 180cc Cartridge.
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Adhesive Spacer

Ref : VET Adhesive Spacer

For use with glue-on-shoes. Rubber stops placed on shoes to ensure an even 1/8" thickness of adhesive.   INSTRUCTIONS  1. Remove tape and stick on horseshoe. 2. Seat shoe firmly on hoof.
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