Luwex products


Luwex has an amazing line of hoof products to provide the exact support or cushion you need to keep your horses sound and healthy.

SILICONE WOLKE 7 (Cartridge 200 ML)

Ref : LUW Cartouche silicone Wolke 7 200ml

Super soft packing. Especially for professional sport horses. With this product, the feet stay moist and flexible during summer. 2 Mixing Tips included/Cartridge
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Gun for cartridge Wolke 7

Ref : LUW Gun MV2 pour Wolke 7

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Ref : LUW Silicone Wolke 7 - bi-composant - 2 x 1L

Luwex Wolke 7 is a bicomponent product. Mix Luwex Wolke 7 thoroughly in the ratio of 1 : 1 until the colors become uniform and apply it to the hjoof.
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POLYURETHAN M9 (cartridge 280 ML)

Ref : LUW Silicone de soutien - M9 Cartouche 280 ml

M9 is an affordable hoof packing used for both support an cushion. This product is unique to its competition for several reasons. It does not continue to get harder over the shoeing cycle.It is about 15-20% softer than the competition.2 Mixing tips included by Cartridge
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Gun for M9 cartridge

Ref : LUW Pistolet pour M9

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Ref : LUW Canule pour cartouche

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Ref : LUW Silicone de soutien - M9 bouteille

The M9 Hoofpac is an all-purpose pad for most shoeing styles. Easy and fast to use. Even faster when it's warm. It can be used in any combination with M 20, M 15 XXL or MB 12.   Advice : Fill bottle up to marker with activator and shake approx. 10-15 sec. fast and thoroughly. Cut off tip...
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Air Ride Hoofpac

Ref : LUW Air Ride

The hoof foam which answers to the high demand of sport horse and therapeutic shoeing. Minimum amout of hardener = soft cushion; maximum amount of hardener = firm cushion. Beating strength : light - medium, according to precessing, weight : very light.
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Ref : LUW Durcisseur 100 ml

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MB 12 Bottle Hoofpac

Ref : LUW Silicone - MB 12

This sole support is made especially for dressage horses, carthorses and heavy horses with flat hooves for optimum support. Gel-like texture. In light horses with flat hooves we recommend 120 S, Home and Easy Blue or M 20 foam. Minimum activator: 14ml (slightly softer); Maximum activator: 16ml...
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M15 XXL BOTTLE Hoofpac

Ref : LUW Silicone de soutien - M15 XXL

Multifunctional all-rounder. Medium hardness but maximum toughness and durability.  Portion is sufficient for very big feet. Curing time according to temperature 10 - 40 sec. Minimum activator : 18ml (slightly softer); Maximum activator : 24ml (slightly firmer).
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M 20 Bottle Hoofpac

Ref : LUW Silicone - M20 Milch

The M 20 reduces weight and protects shoe from being pulled off. It can also be used to support bar shoes (made with a perforated plate).
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120 S Hoofpac

Ref : LUW Silicone - HP 120 S

Especially developed for race horses, standartbreds, military and long distance horses. This is the perfect cushion for fast sport horses. It is very popular in arid climates and hot weather condition because the hoof does not desiccate and the foot remains flexible. 120 S with 30ml M 20 has a...
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Premium silicone

Ref : LUW Silicone PREMIUM

Very lightweight silicone hoof packing. Developed for the treatment of Laminitis/Founder.
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Banana handle

Ref : LUW Manche Banana

Ergonomic handle for small hands (Banana) and available with thumb recess (Banana DK). Sold without blade.
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