ACR Hind Asymmetric Shoe

Ref : ACR - 2150

The ACR Hind Asymmetric Shoe is highly effective on soft ground; its wide branch reduces the foot's sinking into the ground on that side, whilst the narrow branch improves penetration on the other side. 

It corrects asymmetrical footfall and limits extrasagittal movement (collateral motion). It protects the collateral ligaments on the wide side and avoids the risk of lesions. It provides relief to subchondral bone on the narrow side. But remember, it increases tendon loading and intra-articular pressure on the side opposite the wide branch. 

INDICATIONS : For hoof defects, the wide branch is placed on the overloaded side (the side where the hoof wall tends to be straight; on the inside of a turned-out (splayed) foot, on the outside of a turned-in (pigeon-toed foot).

ACR Hind Asymmetric Shoe

ACR Hind Asymmetric Shoe

Geometric design

- Uniform curve for  better adaptation to a lateral-medial load

- wide-web toe for support and durability 

- Branch widening gradually toward the heel

- Branch thinner with chased inner rim

Biomechanical incidence

- Limits foot's penetration on the wide-web side

- Enhances foot penetration on the thinner branch

- Footfall asymmetry on soft ground corrected

- Collateral movement limited 


- Correction of lateral-medial defects

- Prevention and treatment of sprains

- Desmitis of a collateral ligament or branch of the interosseous muscle

-Spavin pathologies

- Interphalangeal arthritis ( subchondral lesions ) 

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