ACR Asymmetric Shoe

Ref : ACR - 350

The ACR Asymmetric Front Shoe is effective on soft ground, its wide branch reduces the degree to which the foot sinks into the ground, whilst the narrow branch promotes penetration on the other side.

It corrects footfall asymmetry and limits extrasagittal movement (collateral ligament movement). It protects the collateral ligaments on the wide branch, avoiding the risk of lesions. It relieves the subchondral bone on the narrow branch. But remember, it increases the ligaments' loading and joint pressure on the side opposite the wide branch.


INDICATIONS : The wide branch is placed preventively internally for distal valgus and externally for distal varus conformation.

ACR Asymmetric Shoe

ACR Asymmetric Shoe

Geometric design

- Uniform curve for improved adaptation to lateral-medial overloading

- Toe web giving support and wear resistance

- Branch web gradually widening from toe to heel

- Narrow branch with chasing on inner rim

- Rolling toe

- Symmetrical turning allows an ambidextrous use

Biomechanical incidence

- Limits foot's penetration on the wide side

- Enhances foot penetration on the narrow side

- Corrects asymmetrical descent on soft ground

- Limits constraints on collateral ligament movement


- Corrects straight lateral or medial wall

- Prevention and treatment of sprains

- Abaxial interphalangeal arthropathy (subchondral lesions)

- Desmitis of a branch of the interosseous muscle

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