ACR Hind Suspensory Shoe

Ref : ACR - 2110

The ACR Hind Suspensory Shoe limits the toe's penetration into soft ground; it relieves the suspensory apparatus and solicits the deep digital flexor tendon.

ACR Hind Suspensory Shoe

ACR Hind Suspensory Shoe

Geometric design

- Wide-web toe

- Gradual reduction in the web from toe to heel

- Bevelled heels and chased branches

Biomechanical incidence

- Enhances heel penetration in the ground

- Reduces pressure on the osseous muscle and superficial digital flexor tendon

- Increases pressure on the deep digital flexor tendon


- Tendinits of the interosseous muscle

- Tendinitis of the superficial digital flexor tendon

- Desmitis of the inferior check ligament

- Desmitis of the sesamoidean ligaments

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