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votre équipe ACR part se ressourcer quelques jours.

Notez que nos locaux seront fermés du vendredi 20 Décembre (17h)  au lundi 6 Janvier (9h).

Pensez à anticiper dès à présent vos commandes.

Nous vous souhaitons de bonnes fêtes de fin d'années ! 

L'équipe ACR


Dear Customers, 

Your ACR Team is going on holidays ! 

Please note that our offices are going to be closed from December 20th (5PM) to January 6th (9PM).

Don't forget to anticipate your needs and place your orders before!

We wish you a merry Christmas and an happy new year !

The ACR's Team

ACR Suspensory Shoe

Ref : ACR - 110

The ACR SUSPENSORY Shoe limits penetration of the toe in soft ground; it relieves the suspensory and the superficial flexor apparatus, solicits the deep flexor tendon, and relieves pressure on the interosseous muscle, its branches, and the inferior check ligament. Type of nails: E, E-SLIM, LX, MX, CONCAVE

ACR Suspensory Shoe

ACR Suspensory Shoe

Geometric design

- Wide-web toe, gradual reduction in the web from toe to heel; bevelled heels and rear chasing

Biomechanical incidence

- Enhances heel penetration in the ground

- Reduces pressure on the osseous muscle and superficial suspensor

- Increases pressure on the deep digital flexor tendon


- Tendinits of the suspensory ligament

- Tendinitis of the superficial digital flexor tendon

- Desmitis of the inferior check ligament

- Desmitis of the sesamoidean ligaments

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