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Pairs ACR - Ergopad Blue 2-3-4

Ref : ACR - Ergopad Bleu

Ideal for low heel - low sole 

- The pad is shaped for the hoof, with a convex area next to the sole
- Two ovals on either side of the frog fit into the lacunae
- The part of the pad over the sole and frog is thinner than the rest of the pad and allows better sole descent at the contact stage
- Two non-return valves mean polyurethane resin (or silicone) can be injected without piercing the plate; the end of the delivery needle is just applied to the thin valve area.
- Gradually increasing thickness from the toe to the heel: It is thinner at the toe and slightly thicker at the heel in order to be stronger for sideways movement of the heels. This also avoids premature wear around the heels.
- A bulge in the thicker part at the end of the quarter protects the bar area
- Shock absorbent and made from a slightly translucent material to monitor the injected silicone’s advance

Pairs ACR - Ergopad Blue 2-3-4

Pairs ACR - Ergopad Blue 2-3-4

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