ACR Hind Shoe B

Ref : ACR - 2100 B

Ideal for endurance and race horses. A pattern designed for increased adherence and improved heel penetration in soft ground (avoiding problems oh the fetlock suspensory apparatus and the superficial digital flexor tendon, which tend to occur frequently in endurance)

Its shape which is suited to Arab and Spanish type horses with narrow feet, allows it to be set with little adjustement. 

Light weight without sacrifing durability. 

The ACR Hind Shoe B is available in size 3x0, 2x0, 0 et 1. For others sizes, this shoe is available under a different shape, for wider feet (saddle horses), refer to ACR Hind Shoe A - 2100 A

ACR Hind Shoe B

ACR Hind Shoe B

Geometric design

- Hind shoe with narrower web and shape for endurance and race horses

- Branches concaved on inner rims. Available in Ti - "Titadur" alloy - for strength on abrasive soil. 

Biomechanical incidence

- Improves heel's sinking into soft ground

- Reduces loads on suspensory apparatus

- Increases adherence

- Flat toe, increases resistance to wear and distorsion


- Multidisciplinary sport shoe

- Adherence requirement

- Avoidance of suspensory apparatus desmopathy

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