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ACR Full Rolling shoe

Ref : ACR - 330

The ACR FULL ROLLING SHOE facilitates anterior and collateral lever arms, reducing joint and collateral stress.

It is recommended for distal and proximal interphalangeal arthritis and can be positioned using an Equi-thane net and silicone, which absorb impacts and limit the degree of penetration in the soil and thus  improve the rolling effect.

ACR Full Rolling shoe

ACR Full Rolling shoe

Geometric design

- Rolling on 2/3 of coverage

- The 15 mm thickness increases rolling compared with 12 mm shoe

- Beveled heels avoid casting shoes

Biomechanical incidence

- Reduces collateral movement effort on collateral, distal and proximal ligaments

- Reduces lateral, anterior and posterior lever arms


- Interphalangeal arthritis

- Sprains

- Desmitis of collateral ligaments

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