ACR Endurance Rolling Shoe

Ref : ACR - 2000

The ACR Rolling Endurance Shoe is ideal for endurance and racing; its shape increases adherence, its rolling toe facilitates breakover, reduces the anterior lever arm (relieving the deep flexor) and fosters heel grip in the ground (avoiding suspensory apparatus and SDFT problems). Its light profile reduces weight yet maintains strenght. 

With two clips it is designed for setting well back under the hoof whilst maintaining optimal nailing. The bevelled heels on the inside edge avoid shoe casting. 

© Tous droits réservés

© Tous droits réservés

Geometric design

- Web reduced and profiled, rolling motion from toe to the start of the quarter

- Branches chased on their inside edges

- Available in Ti - "Titadur" alloy - for great strength on abrasive ground

Biomechanical incidence

- Reduces anterior lever arm

- Facilitates breakover

- Enhances heel sinking in soft ground

- Reduces constraints on suspensory apparatus

- Its narrow web and shape increase adherence and grip in soft ground

- Shap suitable for narrow feet (Arabs, Spanish and German stock)


- Multidisciplinary sports

- Slender feet

- Hooves with thin brittle walls

- Protection against tendinitis

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