NEW * Full Rolling Onion Shoe 15MM * NEW

Ref : ACR - 332

The ACR FULL ROLLING SHOE facilitates anterior, posterior and collateral lever arms, reducing collateral movement efforts on proximal, distal and collateral ligaments.

It  protects sensitive heels, increases the contact area for the rear part of the foot and limits the heel's sinking into soft ground.

It is recommended for distal and proximal interphalangeal arthritis.


NEW * Full Rolling Onion Shoe 15MM * NEW

NEW * Full Rolling Onion Shoe 15MM * NEW

Geometric design

- Rolling on 2/3 of coverage.

- 15 mm thickness =>  increases rolling effect.

- Wide heels => Heels and bars protection 

- Hoof surface relieved under the toe .


Biomechanical incidence

- Reduces collateral movement efforts on collateral, distal and proximal ligaments.

- Reduces lateral, anterior and posterior lever arms. 

- Reduces pressure on the deep digital flexor tendon since it limits sinking into the ground.


- Interphalangeal arthritis.

- Desmitis of collateral ligaments.

- Corns.

- Navicular syndrom.

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