Ref : ACR - 520

The  ACR "Diplomatic" Egg Bar shoe, due to its enlarged bar, allows a stabilization during the landind, limits the heels' sinking into the soft groud and increases the posterior lever arm.

Its rolling toe facilitates breakover and limits pressure on the deep flexor tendon.

Its shape "Right and left, inside/outside ) optimizes its application

The advantages of the EGG Bar shoe without the risk of casting !!

Geometric design

- Diplomatic Egg Bar Shoe with three clips and rolling motion toe extended up to the start of the quarter
- Oval shape with a covered bar
- Widely-spaced, fine-punched nail holes and wide-webbed branches facilitate application

Biomechanical incidence

- The rear rolling motion reduces constraints on forward movement when the feet hit the ground
- Anterior rolling assists breakover 
- Its covered bar allows a good support on soft ground


- Navicular syndrome
- Pain in the podotrochlear region
- Tendinitis of the carpal ligament or DDFT
- DDFT tendinitis
- Both orthopaedic and sport applications

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