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Ref : Club Foot DALLMER

Foalshoe for the treatment of clubfootedness with intensive lengthening growth of the phalanges and a coffin joint showing signs of flexion.

Especially foals profit greatly from glued-on hoofshoes as nailed-on horseshoes can easily damage the thin and weak hooves.

Effect and application
The DALLMER Clubfoot Shoe is offered with a parallel sole (Type B) and with a tapered sole (type BK).

The DALLMER Clubfoot Shoe Type B is used in more severe cases: A wedge that gets screwed underneath the foalshoe raises the heels and allows the entire hoof to take the weight and thus lessens the tension on the deep flexor tendon.

The suspension apparatus on the distal phalanx is relieved and the danger of laminitis with concomitant rotation of the distal phalanx is distinctly reduced.

The DALLMER Clubfoot Shoe Type BK is being used in less severe cases. The protruding tapered toe extends beyond the toe by about 1 cm which also leads to an extention of the coffin joint.






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