ACR Sport + Shoe 10 mm Ti

Ref : ACR - 340 10 mm Ti

THE ACR SPORT + SHOE is a multidisciplinary sport shoe. The chased branches and beveled heels facilitate penetration in the ground and anticipate and limit stress on the suspensory apparatus (osseous muscle or superficial digital flexor tendon tendinitis).

Anterior rolling motion reduces forces on the deep digital flexor tendon and relieves the distal collateral ligaments.

The ACR Sport + 340 - 10 mm Ti is available in 3x0, 2x0 and 0. For the others sizes, please refer to the fer ACR Sport + 340 - 12 mm.

ACR Sport + Shoe 10 mm Ti

ACR Sport + Shoe 10 mm Ti

Geometric design

- Particularly significant rolling motion on the whole shoe starting from the mid quarters

- Beveling on outside edge of the heels to the middle of the branches

- Chasing from just after the toe to the heels

- Thickness : 10 or 12 mm, depending on size

Biomechanical incidence

- Reduces posterior lever arm when the heels touch the ground

- Its web and shape improve adherence during ground contact

- Significant rolling reduces anterior leverage effects


- Intense sport use

- Prevention of lateral and dorsal phalangeal arthritis

- Reduction in constraints on proximal and distal interphalangeal joint flexion and extension

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