ACR Heart Bar Shoe

Ref : ACR - 800

The ACR Heart Bar Shoe provides excellent support for the frog by spreading pressure more widely. Its widely spaced nail holes let you free the toe by nailing the quarters.

It provides a large contact area and optimal support for the third phalange

The quarter clips provide wall support if the toe is cut away.

The tight heel bend allows for the laminitic foot's typical shape and facilitates application; the split in the heart bar lets you adjust the heel-to-heel distance.

Its effect is increased by using a support silicone such as LUWEX Premium.

ACR Heart Bar Shoe

ACR Heart Bar Shoe

Geometric design

- Closed shoe with heart-shaped frog support, two clips and wide-webbed toe with rolling motion almost to the toe

- Hoof surface relieved under the toe

Biomechanical incidence

- Supports and protects the posterior region

- The wide-webbed toe protects the front of a foot sensitised by laminitis

- Rolling motion reduces pressure on the deep flexor tendon


- Acute or chronic laminitis,

- Post-operative support shoeing (to avoid loss of balance)

- Hoof cracks or infection (spreads load bearing and ground contact area)

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