ACR Hind Rocking Shoe

Ref : ACR - 2160

The ACR HIND ROCKING SHOE allows to adjust or correct the P3 plantar/palmar angle according its position more or less backward under the foot. Its special cross-sectional design ensures smooth landing and breakover. Its particular profil -thinner at the heels - allows a smooth landing (less impact) and the thinner toe eases the breakover in reducing stress on the tendons and ligaments during inter-phalangeal extension.
It also improves the blood circulation in the foot.

ACR Hind Rocking Shoe

ACR Hind Rocking Shoe

Geometric design

- Rolling motion on almost all the surface of the shoe

- Thickness in quarters from 18 to 20mm

- Extremely thin heels and heel quarters

Biomechanical incidence

- Enables to change the palmar/plantar angle according to its position under the foot

- Reduces anterior and posterior lever arms

- Allows dynamic modulation of the plantar angle in motionless or quasi-motionless situation : self-massaging effect, improving blood flow in the foot


- Creates a self-massaging effect stimulating insufficient horn grow

- Sensitive heels / rear part of foot

- Use for equine rehab after a period of rest or confinement, subject to a widened diagnostic approach taking into account the underlying set of problems

- Use in case of laminitis : acute, chronic ( after a medical review and foot imaging ) 

- Prevention of compensatory founder due to overloading

- Prevention of the risks of coriumitis and coriumisis

- Can be used as FRONT ROCKING SHOE on feet similar to German Warmblood'

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