ACR Hind Straight Bar Shoe

Ref : ACR - 2140

The ACR HIND STRAIGHT BAR SHOE restores hoof balance upset by distortions of the coronet and the height of the hoof wall.
It is very effective for overlapping and contracted heels, hoof cracks.
It enables an optimal, uniform contact area to be maintained on soft ground, even when such contact has been eliminated to treat hoof cracks.
Its short bar eases its application without biomechanics constrains
It can be used for specific cases of lombalgia, inducing heells lift in static position.
Interesting effects has been noted on forging horses. This shoe reduces the impact of the hinds forging on the front limbs.

ACR Hind Straight Bar Shoe

ACR Hind Straight Bar Shoe

Geometric design

- 11 mm thickness providing a better wear resistance

- Its bar doesn't exceed the initial length of the foot

- Profiled branches in quarter (beveled + chased)

Biomechanical incidence

- Its bar limits the heel's sinkinginto soft ground
- Its profiled branches allow a smooth penetration of the quarters when working on the circle
- Its bar provides a good caudal support without length excess and stability during the propulsion phase


- Crushed heels / long toe

- Lack of support on the rear part of the foot

- Combination of sport and therapeutic uses

- Negative / reversed palmar angle

- Specific cases of back pains

- Horses with lateral rotating movement between the stance and extension phase (pivoting)

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