ACR Hind "Diplomatic" Bar Shoe

Ref : ACR - 2120

The ACR HIND "DIPLOMATIC" SHOE with enlarged bar allows a stabilization during the landing phase and limits heels sinking into the soft ground. 
It tens to optimize the operation of the reciprocal apparatus : It is therefore indicated in a large number of hindlimb pathologies and relieves some stifle pathologies.
This shoe is also recommended on sickle-hocked horses with a pronounced laxity and/or a negative plantar angle.

ACR Hind

ACR Hind "Diplomatic" Bar Shoe

Geometric design

- 11 mm thickness providing a better wear resistance

- Oval shape with a covered bar

- Profiled branches (beveled + chased)

Biomechanical incidence

- Its rolling profil softens the heels landing phase

- Its beveled and chased branches improve heel penetration in soft ground while stance phase on the angles

- Its covered bar allows a good support in soft ground

- Increase ground support stability – eases the horse’s propulsion phase


- Coon-footed horses or laxe

-Depending on the horse conformation, this shoe can be indicated for some specific cases of suspensory pathologies

- In any case where an increase/stabilization of the stance phase is needed

- Negative palmar angle

- Relieves the stifle

- Improves hock conformation defaults

- Positive action on some specific cases of back pains

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