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ACR Open Heart Bar Shoe

Ref : ACR - 880

The ACR Open Heart Bar Shoe provides excellent support for the frog by spreading pressures and loadings at the back of the hoof.

Its nail holes from just after the toe to the heels allows a wide choice of nails positioning during nailing. 

The tight heel bend allows for the laminitic foot's typical shape and facilitates application; the thinner heart allows to adjust the angle according to frog's height. Its application may be accompanied by resin on the rear part of the foot. 

Its lateral rolling (from just after the toe to the mid quarters) and its open toe, seriously minimized pressures and extension's stress of the deep flexor tendon.

ACR Open Heart Bar Shoe

ACR Open Heart Bar Shoe

Geometric design

- Open toe with side clips

- Wide heart surface and thinner all the length long

- Rolling motion from the quarters to the open toe

- Thickness 12mm.

Biomechanical incidence

- Eases breakover

- Reduces tension on the deep digital flexor tendon (distal interphalangeal joint flexion)


- Acute or chronic laminitis

- Hoof cracks or infection

- Tendinitis of the deep digital flexor tendon

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