ACR Full Rolling Straight Bar Shoe

Ref : ACR - 430

The ACR FULL ROLLING STRAIGHT BAR SHOE facilitates anterior and collateral lever arms, making its use comfortabe for the interphalangeal joints (Intense sport use or distal Interphalangeal injuries). Thanks to its bar, it reduces the collateral constraints and stabilizes the foot, which brings extra comfort to the horse, except contraindications to the flexor effect of the bar or to horses  intolerant to the frog support.
The bar relieves the podotrochlear apparatus conferring to this shoe a "diplomatic" effect.

ACR Full Rolling Straight Bar Shoe

ACR Full Rolling Straight Bar Shoe

Geometric design

- Rolling on 2/3 of coverage
- The 15mm thickness increases rolling compared with a 12 mm shoe
- Rolling quarter to quarter

Biomechanical incidence

- Reduces collateral movement effort on collateral, distal, and proximal ligaments
- Reduces lateral, anterior, and posterior lever arms
- Corrects the ground contact area, increasing hoof stability on the ground
- Limits the heels’ thinking into the ground
- Increases the rear part of the foot’s contact area
- Provide frog support adapted to the height of the heels
- Solicit the absorber apparatus of the hoof
- Limits the shear effects on the heels


- Distal Interphalangeal arthritis
- Desmitis of collateral ligaments
- Podophylle pains due to the effects of the collateromotion
- Specific cases of distal interphalangeal pathologies
- Specific cases of tendinitis of the deep digital flexor tendon

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