ACR Reverse Shoe

Ref : ACR - 680

The ACR Reverse Shoe limits the heels' sinking into the ground and increases the posterior lever arm.

The open toe enhances breakover and limits pressure on the deep digital flexor tendon.

This shoe is particulartly recommended for navicular horses with long toes, with or withour low or underrun heels.

The rolling motion of the quarters limits rotation on extension.

The difference between the medial and lateral branches' bends optimises fit.

ACR Reverse Shoe

ACR Reverse Shoe

Geometric design

- Open toe

- Rear bar with central extension

- Bevelling on the lower side of the bar

- Upper side relieved around the frog

- Lateral rolling motion of the branches from the quraters to the open toe

- Side clips

- Thickness : 12 mm

Biomechanical incidence

- Assists breakover

- Reduces pressure on the podotrochlear region (navicular syndrome)

- Reduces exertion of the deep flexor tendon (interphalangeal distal extension)


- Tendinitis of the deep digital flexor tendon

- Podotrochlear syndrome (at the advanced stage)

- Rheumatism of the DDFT

- Stabilised mild of chronic laminitis

- Desmopathy of the distal and proximal digital ligament

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