ACR Center Support Shoe

Ref : ACR - 700

Through its special geometry, the ACR Central Support Shoe reduces the effects of the posterio-anterior lever forces in the interphalangeal flexing and extension stages. It enables the foor and ground contact sufaces to be modified. When used with a suitable polymer, it can support and protect the centre of the foot.

Its open toe facilitates breakover and the ends of its branches are shaped to let the heels sink into the ground naturally.

Given its 12 mm thickness, bevelling the rims lets you reduce the lateral and medial lever arms considerably.

ACR Center Support Shoe

ACR Center Support Shoe

Geometric design

- Open-toed shoe

- Central bar

- Side clips

- Thickness : 12 mm

Biomechanical incidence

- Modifies ground and foot contact areas

- Optimises breakover without making demands on the suspensory apparatus

- Relieves the sole of the foot in the support phase


- Interphalangeal arthritis

- Joint shape

- Podotrochlear syndrome

- Chronic laminitis (with rear palmar support)

- Tendinitis of the superficial flexor tendon

- Desmitis of the interosseous muscle

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