ACR Egg Bar Shoe Rolling Sport

Ref : ACR - 620

The ACR Egg Bar Rolling Sport Shoe limits the heels' sinking into the ground and increases the posterior lever arm.

The rolling toe facilitates breakover and limits pressure on the deep flexor tendon. The difference between the medial and lateral branches' bends optimises the fit.

Its wider web and fine punched nail holes at the toe make it possible to set the shoe well back whilst maintaining optimal nailing. 

ACR Egg Bar Shoe Rolling Sport

ACR Egg Bar Shoe Rolling Sport

Geometric design

- Egg Bar Shoe with three clips and rolling motion toe extended up to the start of the quarter

- Widely-spaced, fine-punched nail holes and wide-webbed branches to facilitate application

Biomechanical incidence

- The rear rolling motion reduces constraints on forward movement when the feet hit the ground

- Its anterior rolling assists breakover


- Podotrochlear syndrome

- Pain in the podotrochlear region

- Tendinitis of the carpal ligament or DDFT

- DDFT tendinitis

- Both orthopeadic and sport applications

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