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ACR Wedge Egg Bar shoe

Ref : ACR - 510

This shoe is compensated from the toe to the heel (7mm thick at the toe and 15 mm at the hee), modifying the sagittal angle by approx 2°. Its relieved frog  avoids overpressure. It is therefore recommended in some cases of tendinitis and advanced podotrochlear cases. 


ACR Wedge Egg Bar shoe

ACR Wedge Egg Bar shoe

Geometric design

- Wedge bar shoe without profile on lower surface - Toe  thickness: 7 mm / Heel thickness: 15 mm

Biomechanical incidence

- I's 7mm thickness at the toe and 15 mm at the heel, it modifies the sagittal angle by approx 2°. Its relieved frog avoids overpressure


- Navicular syndrome

- Pain in the podotrochlear region

- Tendinitis of the carpal ligament or DDFT

- DDFT tendinitis

- Both orthopaedic and sport applications

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