Fitting the ergopad

1. After trimming the hoof, place the pad on the foot (and not on the shoe) so that the convex part is positioned to match the shape of the foot.

2. Adjust the position forwards or backwards. Next, hold it in the position in which you want to keep it; take a felt-tip pen and trace the position of the clips; then cut notches out for the clips.

3. Place the pad on the shoe and position the two ovals between the two heels of the shoe so that they are correctly angled for tracing the final contour of the shoe with the felt-tip.

4. Inject the silicone by positioning the delivery needle on the valve without piercing the pad itself (some needles have to be cut to the diameter of the valve).

5. Whilst injecting the silicone, press down on the tip of the frog to be sure that the pad cannot bulge. Force out any excess silicone from the heels to avoid creating a bulge in the pad due to overfilling.

6. Put film over the foot and fill in the spaces between the two heels of the shoe.