Instructions for sharpening tools

1. Drivetrain

Belt should tun towards operator. Slow speed, approx. 2m per sec (150rpm).

Drivetrain with cordless screwdriver or drill, speed setting to 1 (when using a drill, be sure to earth sharpening machine to avoid electric shock).


2. Sharpen hoofknife

Sharpen knife against cutting edge. Apply knife level to belt and tilt until distance between belt and back of knife is 2mm. 

Always keep this angle. Press knife very gently against belt.


3. Result

For a nice and sharp result it is advisable to rest on hand as guidance on the sharpening machine.


4. Remove burr from knife edge.

Hold back side of the knife flat against sanding belt and very gently remove burr.


5. Sharpen hook

To sharpen hook from the outside, set knife in a 45° angle against the belt (hook facing upwards) and rotate handle to vertical.