How to use Luwex products

Always mix at ratio indicated on packaging. Only this mixture will result in maximised weight-bearing capacity. 

Alternative :

If you use 20% less of the hardener than described, the pad gets softer and more ductile. Using even less of the hardener is not recommended. The ideal temperature of the material is 20-30°C, during cold weather always heat thorougly to at least 20°C. The warmer is the material, the faster is the hardening of the pad, during the finishing avoid contact with water, even one drop of water will result in foaming. 

Storage :

Do not expose to direct sunlight, protect from freezing. This extends the storage life of the products. Shake well, if the hardener has crystallised this works for up to 30% of crystallisation. More than 30% means the hardener is too old and needs to be replaced.

Storage life of the pads in good storage conditions about 15 months. In the car the pads needs to be kept in the dark, in a cardboard box or a drawer at all times.