Chers clients,

votre équipe ACR part se ressourcer quelques jours.

Notez que nos locaux seront fermés du vendredi 02 Août (17h)  au lundi 26 Aout (9h).

Pensez à anticiper dès à présent vos commandes.

Bonnes vacances ! 

L'équipe ACR


Dear Customers, 

Your ACR Team is going on holidays ! 

Please note that our offices are going to be closed from August 02nd (5PM) to August 26th (9PM).

Don't forget to anticipate your needs and place your orders before!

Enjoy the summer !

The ACR's Team

Instructions M9 Cartridge

Open cartridge and screw mixing tip. Do not use first 2-3 ml (first splash), as blend will not be optimal. Fill up hoof with M9. 

Remove mixing tip after use and close the cartridge with original closing plug and cap nut. Set time (30°C) approx. 30 sec.  Setting time can be longer in colder working condition.

Best processing temperature is 20-30°C.