Technical Aspects

All our shoes are made using the ACR alloy selected for its shock-absorbing and inti-vibration qualities. For greater strength some shoes in the range are available in a special alloy, Ti (Titadur) Ti ; these shoes have a « T » stamped at the end of the inside branch.

Heating the shoes

The ACR alloy will withstand higher temperatures than standard aluminium ; it can be heated to circa 450°C [842°F] (Sufficient for hot fitting). But remember : Titadur must  be heated to circa 340°C [644°F] - It is impossible to draw clips on a cold Titadur shoe.

Particularities of the shoes

- On the data sheet for each model, a magnifying glass lets you visualize special features.
- All our shoes are punched with holes that become narrower (from outside to inside). The holes are calibrated for E,E-SLIM, LX, MX, CONCAVE type nails.

The constants are as follows :

- The hole punched is rectangular to match the nail.

- The holes slant in order to facilitate nailing.

- Clips are graduated with a 3° slant to help set them into the hoof wall when heated.

- The curve of each branch accommodates the shape of the hoof (right and left, inside-outside). The lateral branch is indicated by a notch on the outer edge (except for asymmetric shoes).

- The heels are beveled (varying from 40° to 45°, depending on the model) to avoid the risk of casting a shoe.

- Shoes made of Ti are stamped with a T.