A farrier for over 30 years, fully experienced through careful observation and developing my skills over the course of my international career, I have done my utmost to design and create an original range of shoes. Aluminium (a light, pliable, recyclable material) was the obvious choice when I was working on developing what would best suit high level sport horses that have since become competition horses.

What is ACR’s strength?

Shoes designed by a farrier to meet his colleague’s highest expectations as well as those of their “consumers”! In an environment that has become complex and demanding, our ACR shoes are a much needed, timely response to the needs of farriers, vets, owners, riders, and, of course, the horses themselves. Our commitment? To make competence and efficiency available to everyone in the equestrian world so that they have the means to achieve their ambitions!
Our range has been constantly developing since the very first ACR shoe was created in 2000, and is deliberately positioned in the vanguard of high quality products available on the French and worldwide markets. The vitality of our business is a clear sign that our efforts in providing an increasingly diverse range of shoes and farrier products are advancing in the right direction - for the well-being of the horse and its performance. Through our daily action we provide the means for horses to reach new heights! Of course, we are not working in a vacuum. On the contrary, you can rest assured that our ears are open to all who might generate progress in our field.
This website presents our full current range of shoes and pads. We have carefully selected and tested other products that are particularly well suited for shoeing the sport horse. 
Thank you for the confidence you have shown in our skills.
Antoine CORONA